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ATIPIC Solutions is accepted as a member of Allinial Global

article published on 12 July 2018

ATIPIC Solutions, an independent company exclusively specialized in transfer pricing consultancy, was recently accepted as member of Allinial Global (formerly PKF North America).

Allinial Global is an association of independent accounting, audit, and consultancy companies with 437 offices throughout North America, Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Africa, and consolidated worldwide revenues of over USD 2.5 billion.

“The independent accounting, audit, and consultancy companies that are part of Allinial Global understand that, to be able to develop in this business environment, they need, more than ever, to be competitive and flexible and, at the same time, they must have access to an international pool of resources that can benefit their clients both at the local and international level.

I am glad that ATIPIC Solutions understands that it can have all the advantages of an international association and, at the same time its clients may continue to benefit from local expertise,” said Terry Snyder, President and CEO of Allinial Global.


As a member of Allinial Global, ATIPIC Solutions will collaborate with the other association members for international projects and enjoy access to all the resources that an international association offers, from technical courses organized by reputable lecturers to the technical expertise of fellow members.

“Attracting strong firms such as Wilkins Kennedy from Great Britain, Gewerbe Treuhand from Switzerland, Pirola Pennuto Zei & Associati from Italy, and Walter France, was, for us, only the beginning of a natural growth in Europe. By accepting ATIPIC Solutions, we wish to strengthen our presence in Europe and create new development and collaboration opportunities for international projects in Central and Eastern Europe,” said Terry Snyder, President and CEO of Allinial Global.

While ATIPIC Solutions will enjoy all the advantages of Allinial Global membership at the international level, it will remain independent and flexible as necessary to answer to local needs, continuing to focus exclusively on the provision of transfer pricing services.

“In the current environment in which all governments and organizations seem to have rioted against multinational companies, we expect that more and more groups of companies would wish to or be forced to evaluate the extent in which transfer pricing influences the taxable basis in the countries in which they are present.

Therefore, we expect that many groups of companies will start to recalibrate their tax position and become predictable through concerted restructuring actions carried out at international level, or through advance pricing agreements.

Thus, this association with Allinial Global is a natural step for us that confers to us the abilities to support our clients during such actions,” said Viorel Sbora, Partner of ATIPIC Solutions.

About ATIPIC Solutions

ATIPIC Solutions is a team of transfer pricing specialists that has a different approach in assisting clients in transfer pricing projects. By its manner of approaching such projects, ATIPIC Solutions succeeds in obtaining optimum results in an efficient manner over the long and short term.

For more information about ATIPIC Solutions’ association with Allinial Global, you can contact:

Viorel Sbora, Partner, ATIPIC Solutions

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